Tuesday, July 03, 2012

How I joined the ranks of the married

So as the grand old age of 26 (plus 9 months), I have finally succumbed to the malady that still claims most youngsters in this country. Yes an arranged marriage. ::Cue : drum roll::

The only part that was arranged in my case was the first meeting, or the first chat (for the sake of accuracy).

You know how these things go... There's this family, who (Insert father's friend's name) knows. They have a son, MBA, works in a MNC. We tried the horoscope and guess what it matches. Why don't you have a chat with him? Everybody (as in all our friends, or all Mallus in our town), have only good things to say about him. So will tomorrow be fine?

All this while I am still trying to settle into my week long (?) vacation. Since every vacation of mine for the past three years have kicked off inthis manner, I don't take offence. In any case, even if I did, the rhetoric of In-our-time-the-horoscope-was-enough-and-nobody-asked-us was already loaded to be fired.

So this time since the guy in question was in a hurry to fly off to the USA on business, the question of a traditional (read tea-cup-in-hand) visit to check out the girl did not arise. Had my parents been less tech savvy, I would have taken this exit option. But they were not and they set up an internet date for us.

Yeah, Indian parents setting up dates for their children..that's what the world has come to these days.

Anyway, we chatted, me irritated by this sidepleot which threatened to take over my much anticipated vacation and he irritated by this unnecessary drama during his own visa and other travel related hassles.

All we got to ascertain that day that we both knew to type correct English and we both didn't mind chatting again....at a time more convenient to us...without the whole family peering over our backs at our chat windows. To be continued...

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